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Posted on by Team Valhalla

We're halfway through the fourth month of the Valhalla 600!

As you can see, the top three spots have more than just the love of kart racing in common...

J. France has the top spot.  

J. Molnar is hanging on to second.

J. Mork is right behind Molnar for third.

There's a three way tie for fourth.

There's just 9 days left.  If nothing changes, France will claim the $50 gift certificate for the month of March.  There's still plenty of time left for someone to make a move or someone new jumping in and claiming the top spot.

Remember, the customer that purchases the most throughout the month, wins a $50 gift certificate.  At the end of May, we're giving away that $300 gift certificate, so don't wait to get involved!

Good luck to everyone!