Free Ground Shipping on all orders over $150.
Do you ship to...?
Yes, we do!  In the US we mainly use UPS, so please keep that in mind when filling out your shipping information. No PO Box addresses unless you want it to go snail mail. 
For International orders, we use USPS Priority Service.  This generates a tracking number that is passed on to the customer.
For International Orders, please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.  If it goes beyond that time, we can assist in tracking the package, but delivery times are out of our control.
Note:  Due to an agreement with another neck brace manufacturer, we do not ship the 360 Plus Device to the countries listed on that product page.
Why do the Adult size Armadillos cost less than the SFI certified ones?
There are additional material costs in the SFI vests that make it more expensive to manufacture.
I just ordered an item but my cart total is still "0"?
If you are using Internet Explorer there could be a slight delay in your cart total changing. If you click on the little cart icon, it will take you to your shopping cart and you'll see that it's actually there. If you then continue shopping, you'll see that it has changed.  The company hosting the e-commerce side of our site knows of the situation and is working to fix it.
How do I create an account... and why should I?
At the end of the checkout process, you will have the opportunity to create an account with Team Valhalla Racing.  By creating an account, if you chose to visit us again and place another order, all your information will be automatically loaded during the checkout process.  This information is all stored in an off-site, secure, PCI compliant host.  By creating an account, you'll also be able to go back and view past orders.
I created an account during the Check Out process, do I have to create another account for the Valhalla Rewards Program?
Yes, you do.  The Valhalla Rewards Program uses a different software application.  
Please explain the Free Shipping.  
If your order value is $150 or more, there is no charge for Shipping.  Shipping costs are not part of the order value.  Free Shipping does not apply to UPS Oversized items.  Free shipping is for the continental United States only.  Free Shipping applies to internet orders only.  If you call in and place an order, shipping charges will apply to your order.  If you have questions about an item or need help placing an order through our website, feel free to call and we'll help you out.  
I ordered a Streeter Stand at $245.  Why is the shipping cost still in the price of the stand, don't I get Free Shipping on orders over $99?  
Free Shipping does not apply to UPS Oversized items.  The shipping cost of a UPS Oversized item is figured into the price of the item and shown as a delivered price.  Items that are considered UPS Oversized are described as such in the product information section under the pictures of that item.

Why didn't I get an email confirming my order?

If you didn't get an email confirming your order it could be due to a couple things.  Check and make sure that an email address was entered during the order process.  Check and make sure that an email address was entered if you registered.  Most importantly, check and make sure the email address is entered correctly.