Trailer Equipment

  • Air Hose / Electric Cord Hangers

    $22.00 Trailer Accessories
    This hanger is a good way to get your air lines and electrical cords up, out of the way, and ready for race day. Available in a Bare Metal, White, and Black finish.
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  • Fuel Jug Rack

    $60.00 Trailer Accessories
    This wall mount Mini Jug Rack is great for the 2.5 gallon sized jugs.  Fuel jugs shown, sold seperately.
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  • Large Work Station

    $165.00 Trailer Accessories
    There's plenty of storage in this unit, including built-in towel dispenser and latching fold down door. Available in a Bare finish and White Powder Coat finish.
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  • Lubricant Tray

    $69.00 Trailer Accessories
    The small version of the Lubricant Tray is 17 3/4" tall X 17 3/4 wide with 3 3/4" deep shelves. This is a wall mount unit. There's lots of storage in the large version!  It's 32" tall X 22" wide with p...
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  • Towel Holder

    $32.00 Trailer Accessories
    A popular favorite and must have for any trailer and shop.  The holder has a 1" cross tube with quick clip pin, holds regular and jumbo size rolls. Bare finish.
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  • Towel Rack

    $80.00 Trailer Accessories
    Best of both worlds. Great storage capabilites and convenient towel dispenser. 17" Wide X 22.75" Tall X 5.5" deep (the depth is from the front edge of the paper towel holder clip)
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  • Tray - Bottle/Can Holder

    $22.00 Trailer Accessories
    These trays are great for bottles and aerosol cans. Perfect for the trailer or shop. Comes in Bare Metal or White powder coat finish. Two different lengths, 16" and 32".
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