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Team Valhalla Racing was started in 2001 when we realized that drivers in karting needed a quality piece of safety equipment to protect their ribs and chest from injury, but didn’t cost a fortune.

At that time, there were just a few rib protectors on the market, and that’s all they covered – the ribs of the driver. There were rib protectors that were high quality... and priced that way, and rib protectors that were cheap... and performed that way. But there was no piece of safety equipment that protected the ribs and chest of the driver. We decided that we were going to fill that void with the Armadillo Rib Vest.

Our goal has always been to provide a driver with a quality piece of equipment, made here in the United States, at a price that is affordable and within reason. The Armadillo Rib Vest accomplished that goal.

The Armadillo Rib Vest provides the driver with a high-quality piece of safety equipment that protects not only the ribs, but chest area also, and doesn’t cost a fortune.

In 2003, the karting community witnessed the unfortunate accident and death of one of its youngest drivers. Having young children of his own involved in karting, the owner of Team Valhalla Racing made it a priority that the Armadillo do two things: A) exceed the certification requirements of the SFI 20.1 spec and B) provided the best protection of any of the certified chest protectors available.

The latter part of that goal has also been accomplished with the latest design of the SFI certified Armadillo. A sizable investment of dollars and man hours have gone into the current version. We know the Armadillo is capable of absorbing the most impact of any of the certified chest protectors on the market by testing them all and outperforming every one of them.

In 2007, Team Valhalla Racing introduced the 360 Plus Device. Again, this was done to provide the driver with an affordable piece of safety equipment that helped protect them while driving.

The 360 Plus Device takes the place of the standard foam collar and provides a much more robust platform for the helmet to engage in a situation where the driver is ejected from the kart or hit by another driver.

Numerous testimonials from 360 Plus Device users show how the equipment has performed as designed and helped keep the driver from serious injury.

Team Valhalla Racing is continuously striving to give the karting community dependable and affordable pieces of equipment to help make the sport of kart racing fun and enjoyable for the whole family.