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Posted on by Team Valhalla

Congrats to R. Johnson!

Mr. Johnson was the customer with the highest dollar amount purchased during the month of February.  That gets him a $50 gift certificate.  Thanks for your business!

We're sorry it took so long to post the winner for the third month of the Valhalla 600, but we had some issues we had to work through.  We had a customer that was trying to decide if they wanted to return a few items.  When they did return them, this lowered their purchase amount for the month of February below what Mr. Johnson and another customer had made.  Yes... we then had a tie!

According to one of the rules of the contest, Mr. Johnson was the winner of the tie breaker due to his purchases being made earliest within the month.

We're already into the fourth month of the Valhalla 600. So if you need parts or accessories to get you on the track, be sure and check out what we have available.

You just might be the next winner of a $50 gift certificate and in the running for the $300 certificate given away on May 31.

Good luck to everyone!