Zamp RZ-37Y Youth SFI 24.1 Helmet

Zamp RZ-37Y Youth SFI 24.1 Helmet

by Zamp $175.00

The Zamp RZ-37Y helmet is a great helmet for Youth Racing. It is very lightweight at approximately 1250 grams, that's only 2.75 lbs, plus it has a smaller shell to fit a youth driver's body. Weight and Shell Size are key to protecting up and coming young racers. 

  • Top Air Intake
  • Smaller Shell
  • Composite Fiberglass Lightweight Shell
  • 7-Top Air System–in addition to Chin, Scalp, and Exhaust Vents
  • Lightweight design 1250g +/- 50 grams, 2.75 lbs total weight
  • Plush Fire Retardant Interior
  • Z-20 Series 3mm Clear Shield with Tear Off Posts, 12.25 inches Center posts
  • Removable/Washable Comfort Liner
  • SFI 24.1 and DOT Certified)
  • Two holes on Each Side Of Chin foam for Radio/Hydration


Sizing Instructions:
Wrap a measuring tape around your head, about a half inch above the eyebrows. Pull the tape comfortably tight.

Measure two or three times to try and make sure of the results.

Find the measurement on the chart that best matches your results.

It’s easiest to use metric measurements.

Helmet Sizing Guide:

Small          54cm - 55cm

Medium      56cm - 57cm

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