Robic SC-889 180 Duel Memory Stopwatch

Robic SC-889 180 Duel Memory Stopwatch

by Robic $49.00

The Robic SC-889 180 Duel Memory stopwatch is a professional grade stopwatch with a powerful memory capacity and multiple options to analyze track / driver performance in a number of ways.


Robic SC-889 180 Dual Memory Speed, MPH, & Chrono Stopwatch | Pegasus

Recall up to 180 times, in any order, while your stopwatch is still running!

The backlit LCD digital display on the Robic SC-889 has three primary modes: Time of Day (clock), Stopwatch (chronograph), and Speed Timer.

Time of Day: Includes 12- or 24-hour clock, date, day of the week, hourly chime, and alarm functions.

Stopwatch: Choose Lap or Split times, with lap number (to 999), Running Lap/Split, Total Running Time, and Last Lap/Split all shown at once.

Speed Timer: Shows lap number (to 999), Speed (in MPH or KPH), Lap Length, and Lap Time.

Whichever mode you choose, the SC-889 can store up to 180 Lap or Split times (or Lap times with Speed) in memory. The memory can be accessed as the timer is running to display fastest, slowest, and average times, or all times in ascending or descending order

The new shape of the SC-889 is a departure from the traditional rectangular Robic style, with a wider case that fills the palm of your hand better for easier use. Trigger buttons are positioned to fall naturally at the fingers and thumb.

Robic SC-889 180 Dual Memory Speed, MPH, & Chrono Stopwatch | Pegasus



Includes a lanyard with a safety breakaway. 

1/100 second resolution up to 10 hrs.

Memory recall, up or down accessible during stopwatch operation-separate mode.

Countdown timer with 1/100 second resolution, preset times up to 10 hrs for countdown

Temperature display in fahrenheit or celsius, time of day, alarm, and calendar

Water resistant up to 100 ft.

7 second amber backlight on demand

Lithium battery CR2032

One year factory warranty

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