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Accu-Mix Fuel Jug

from $2.00

A unique and patented product designed to accurately mix and measure fluids of all types.  Accu-Mix is a self-contained, 3-compartment measuring and mixing bottle which not only assures consistent accuracy or your mix combination, but also allows the mixing of 10 different quantities eliminating the hassle of mixing excess amounts...
Cable Clamp


This cable clamp is tapered on each end so they do not catch on a driver suit or shoe. Fits both throttle and brake cables. Finished in black anodizing and uses 2 flat point set screws. Clamp measures 1 1/8" long by 3/8".
Fuel Filter Walbro Style


Small ¼” OD X 1-3/8” long
Fuel Line Holder


This kit solves the common problem of how best to attach fuel line to your chassis. When using just a tie-wrap, you risk squeezing the fuel line too tightly resulting in it being crushed. If you don’t tighten it enough, the fuel line will drag on the track surface. This...

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