Cooling - Techkewl Hybrid Cooling Vest

Cooling - Techkewl Hybrid Cooling Vest

by Techniche International $220.00

We all know how exhausting a race can be.  Now add to that the stress of the summer heat and you've got possibly the dangerous situation of heat exhaustion.  Keep cool during and after the race with the Techkewl Hybrid Cooling Vest.

The vest is referred to as a "hybrid" because you can use it two different ways to cool down. 

During the race, wear the vest without the Cooling Inserts.  Just soak the vest in water for 2 - 3 minutes to "charge" the evaporative cooling fabric, wring out the excess water, put on the vest, and go racing.

The thin, lightweight material will add some, but not alot of bulk under a driving jacket or suit.

To "charge" the Phase Change Cooling Inserts, put them in ice water, refrigerator, or freezer for 20 - 30 minutes before use.

After the race, put in the inserts and you or your driver can relax at a comfortable 58 degrees Fahrenheit (14 degrees Celsius).  

Vest includes one set of Cool Pax Phase Change Cooling Inserts.

Available in three different colors.  

Measure around the driver's chest to find the right size.

Adult sizes only.

Sizing Chart:

X Small 30" - 31" 76cm - 78cm
Small 32" - 33" 81cm - 84cm
Medium 34" - 35" 86cm - 89cm
Large 36" - 37" 91cm - 94cm
X Large 38" - 40" 96cm - 101cm
XX Large 41" - 43" 102cm - 109cm
XXX Large 44" - 46" 111cm - 117cm

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