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Posted on by Team Valhalla

Qualifying at the top of the Valhalla 600 changed a bit this week.  Here's the current standings of the top six...

T. Hager is holding down first place.

J. Watson is right behind Hager in second.

There is a four way tie for third place between M. Bell, J. Dunn, P. Kierce, and R. Artinger.

There's still eleven days left to see who claims the $50 gift certificate for December, so there's still time for someone to take over the top spot and for others to jump in and run to the front.

Whoever wins December will have a good start toward claiming the overall prize at the end of the $300 gift certificate.

If you're looking for information on how to get involved in the Valhalla 600 and become eligible for $600 worth of free karting equipment, check out the blog post "Run in the Valhalla 600 and win free karting equipment each month".

Good luck to everyone!