Shock SpotR

Shock SpotR

by Shok-SpotR $23.00

Helmets designed for most of today’s sports provide extraordinary protection. But their manufacturers warn users that a helmet is good for one impact, and one impact only. A visual examination will often not reveal helmet damage, which can occur either during a sporting accident or during general abusive treatment. And a damaged helmet won’t do its job when you need it to.

Shok-SpotR Motorsports Version was designed and tested for today's high-tech helmets.  It's available in black and chrome, and calibrated for both off-road and street use.  The sleek, micro-light housing design compliments any helmet while protecting the sensor element from scrapes and minor impacts.

It is recommended that Shok-SpotR be used only on brand new helmets that are both DOT and Snell approved.

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