Mychron 4

Mychron 4

by Mychron $390.00

The MyChron4 is a powerful data acquisition gauge and digital display for kart racing. It combines a temperature gauge, tachometer, lap timer, and data logger into a compact, powerful unit that easily mounts to your steering wheel. It is a digital dash, gauge, and data logger with graphical and digital RPM (tach) indicator, automatic lap time, and temperature input for exhaust gas, cylinder head or water sensors.

The high-resolution graphic display displays large digits during race mode, smaller, easy to read text during setup and in menus, and shows analysis information such as torque curves and RPM "candlestick" graphs. Backlight in either amber or green, this gorgeous display can also display custom graphics like team logos and pictures.

(Note: backlight color is fixed, be sure to check the color when you purchase.)

The MyChron4 uses an internal 9V battery for extended performance. Specialized display modes for oval, sprint and road style racers are included. The MyChron4 also features 1 MB of memory for over 3 hours of data logging. Simplified configuration and easy to read menus make operating the MyChron4 a snap.

Configurable alarm lights for temperature and RPM (shift) are located on the top. The MyChron4 uses the same sensors, leads and beacon as the MyChron3.

Add more features to the MyChron4 with the optional expansion box (E-Box). The E-Box adds extra channels for 2 temperatures, wheel speed and an accelerometer for track mapping.

Use the new Data Key to download and store your racing data. It's USB interface quickly connects to your laptop so you can transfer your data to your PC for analysis with our Race Studio 2 software. The compact Data Key reduces the need for a laptop out in the pits.

MyChron4 System Includes:  MyChron4 Gauge and data logger, Infrared receiver, RPM pick-up, and 1 temperature sensor (your choice of CHT, EGT, or H20)

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