Chassis Skid Plate

Chassis Skid Plate

by Comp Composites $95.00

Price shown includes Shipping and is the delivered price.

The Comp Composite body is one of, if not the best, body available in karting.

These body parts are all individually hand laid fiberglass; using the best materials to ensure the best quality.

All Comp Composite bodies are strategically reinforced in specific areas to add strength, but done in a way that allows the body to flex and also keep the weight down.

The inside of all Comp Composite bodies are sanded and backsprayed so there's a nice clean finish on the inside of the body... no hairs!

Available in the Adult and Junior body style.

Order a full body or an individual body parts.

Note:  When boxed, this item is considered Oversized by UPS standards and requires additional shipping cost - thus the price may seem higher than normal.

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