Accu-Mix Fuel Jug

Accu-Mix Fuel Jug

by 202 Racing $30.00

A unique and patented product designed to accurately mix and measure fluids of all types. 

Accu-Mix is a self-contained, 3-compartment measuring and mixing bottle which not only assures consistent accuracy or your mix combination, but also allows the mixing of 10 different quantities eliminating the hassle of mixing excess amounts of pre-mixed concentrates.

Replacement Cap and O-ring available.  Click drop-down box to order these items.

Solution Mixture Ratios (scales):
15:1 16:1 20:1 25:1 30:1 32:1 40:1 50:1

-Accurately measure fuel by volume AND weight!
-Translucent red color
-Heavy buttress caps along with O-ring to assure leak-proof seal
-Milliliters, liters, ounces and quarts are added for concentrates requiring metric level quantities
-Nominal capacity 1.7 gallons or 6.4 liters

1. Fill Side A with required amount of fluid.
2. Fill Side B to corresponding number of side A chart for the required ratio.
3. Secure Both Lids.
4. Shake And Pour!

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