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Program Summary

We know that it can be tough racing on a budget.  We at Team Valhalla Racing want to help you make that budget take you as far... and of course as fast, as possible.

The Valhalla Rewards program will help you earn points that you can spend on equipment that you want while at the track.

For every dollar you spend, we'll reward you with a point. Once you've earned enough points, or saved up enough for that item you've been looking at, you can turn your points into equipment that will help you get to the finish line first.  It's that simple.

Register a new account and we'll give you 50 points to give you a jump start.

Earning and Redeeming Points

The Valhalla Rewards program is meant to be an advantage for our loyal customers.  By creating an account, you become eligible to earn Valhalla Rewards points.  It is suggested that you create an account before proceeding to the check-out feature of our store.

For each $1.00 spent, 1 Valhalla Rewards point is earned.  Valhalla Rewards points can also be earned from time to time by Liking our Facebook page, posting a kart racing image on our Facebook page, or commenting on a product in our on-line store.  It is at Team Valhalla Racing's sole discretion as to when/if this option is available.

Valhalla Rewards Points are redeemable toward future purchases.  Valhalla Rewards Points earned today, are made available once your order has been shipped.  

The product that is returned will result in points being deducted from a customer's account.

Valhalla Rewards Points are awarded upon shipment of an order.


Points can only be earned by placing orders through the on-line store for Team Valhalla Racing

Sales tax and Shipping costs do not go towards accumulating points.

Accounts that use credit card information and numbers that are stolen or have the high potential of being stolen will be deleted.

Valhalla Rewards Points can not be redeemed or earned through Gift Certificate purchases, but can be used in conjunction with a Gift Certificate.  

Valhalla Reward Points have no cash value and can only be redeemed on future purchases at  

Points that are unused after 24 months may be forfeited at Valhalla Racing's sole discretion.  

Points that you earn can only be used by you, on your account.  

Points can not be shared or given to another individual or account holder.  

Points earned on orders that are declined or canceled will be forfeited.

Points may not be redeemed for cash.

Valhalla Racing reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel the Valhalla Rewards program at any time and without notice.

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