Rear Bumpers

  • Rear Bumper - Adult

    $120.00 Kart Bodywork
    KG Bodywork's CIK/14 rear spoiler is the new standard full full size rear bumpers in karting. The beefy plastic design is design to lower impact damage and to keep the driver and competitors safe. Bumper plug assembly sold se...
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  • Rear Bumper - Cadet

    $165.00 Kart Bodywork
    The 'Tris' from KG Bodywork is a revolutionary new rear spoiler for Cadet sized go-karts.  It is an adjustable bumper that can fit to a variety of widths. External widths range from a minimum width of 39.5" to a maximum ...
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  • Rear Bumper - Complete Kit

    $230.00 Kart Bodywork
    Margay Racing has put together an all your need package exclusively for the KG Bodywork's plastic rear spoiler. In this kit you will receive a KG full length rear plastic spoiler (black, red, or pearl), bumper plug assembly (c...
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  • Rear Bumper Mounting Kit

    $60.00 Kart Bodywork
    The rear spoiler mounting kit from RLV is an affordable way to mount a your full width rear plastic bumper. With slotted mounting rails, it is adjustable to several different height positions allowing you that much more tune-...
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  • Rear Bumper Mounting Plug Assembly

    $30.00 Kart Bodywork
    Margay Racing's rear bumper plug assembly is designed to be used in a 28mm (1 1/8") or 32mm (1 1/4") tubing chassis. It is the perfect application when running a full length plastic rear bumper. The RLV bumper mounting kit pic...
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