• 360 Plus Device

    $195.00 Neck Collar
    The 360 Plus Device is definitely a different approach to filling the requirement of wearing a neck collar. The molded, glass filled nylon core piece, along with the firm chin foam parts, provides a stable platform for helping ...
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  • Cooling - Hyperkewl Evaporative Cooling Vest

    $45.00 Accessories
    We all know how exhausting a race can be.  Now add to that the stress of the summer heat and you've got possibly the dangerous situation of heat exhaustion.  Keep cool during and after the race with the Hyperkewl Evap...
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  • Armadillo SFI Certified Vest

    $140.00 Armadillo SFI Approved Vest
    In kart racing, drivers that are 12 yrs and under are required to wear a SFI Certified chest protector.  The Armadillo Rib Vest fills that requirement.  The Armadillo SFI Certified Rib Vest has the most impact absorption of any...
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  • Armadillo Rib Vest

    $128.00 Armadillo Rib Vest
    When going through a turn with 1 to 3 G's of lateral force, the last thing a driver needs to be thinking about is how his or her ribs feel. The Armadillo Rib Vest from Team Valhalla Racing helps pad the driver's ribs, shoulders...
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  • Metris Infrared Thermometer

    $90.00 Performance Tools
    Get a quick overview of how your tires are performing as soon as you come off the track with this thermometer.The TN41L18 mode offers a rugged design for toughness on the job and in the pits.• Infrared ...
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  • Armadillo Rib Protector

    $85.00 Armadillo Rib Protection
    For those looking for the quality and protection of an Armadillo Rib Vest, but without the bulk of the chest protector, take a good look at the Armadillo Rib Protector. Specs:  Complete Rib Coverage, Padded Back Panel, Adj...
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  • Streeter BIG FOOT Stand

    $330.00 Kart Stand
    Price shown includes Shipping and is the delivered price. The Streeter BIG FOOT kart stand is the best built, best selling, and most widely used kart stand for years. Large pneumatic rear wheels and front swivel ...
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