2 Cycle Complete Body kits

Get all new body parts for your kart with one click.
  • Cadet MK14 Body Kits

    $215.00 Kart Bodywork
    The KG Bodywork's MK14 is the latest in bodywork design from KG. It provides a sleek and aggressive look while maintaining the aerodynamic and solid functionality a driver needs. In this kit, you get a MK14 front spoiler, front...
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  • Evo Stilo Body Kits

    $235.00 Kart Bodywork
    The complete KG Bodywork's Evo Stilo plastic kit comes with an Evo Stilo front spoiler, Evo Stilo front panel, and a right and left Evo Stilo side pod. Choose from Red, Silver, Black.  
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  • KG 506 Body Kit

    $255.00 Kart Bodywork
    The new KG 506 bodywork was produced with aerodynamic research and development. With the use of CFD software (Computational Fluid Dynamics) KG has been able to manufacture an innovative and effective bodywork. The center of th...
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  • KG FP7 Body Kit

    $240.00 Kart Bodywork
    This FP-7 bodywork kit is the latest in bodywork from KG Bodywork and Accessories and is CIK/17 homologated. This kit comes with the complete set of new body parts that should give your kart a fresh, updated look. This kit does...
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